AirBnB Clone

An airbnb like web-service built with Python, MySQL, Flask, HTML, and Javascript.

Project Links: v0.0 v0.5 v0.75 Final

This was an iterative and collaborative project which spanned multiple repositories and contributors.

The goal of the project was to deploy a recreation of the AirBnB website.

  • A command interpreter to manipulate data without a visual interface, like in a Shell (perfect for development and debugging)
  • A website (the front-end) that shows the final product to everybody: static and dynamic
  • A database or files that store data (data = objects)
  • An API that provides a communication interface between the front-end and your data (retrieve, create, delete, update them)

Final product

The console

  • create your data model
  • manage (create, update, destroy, etc) objects via a console / command interpreter
  • store and persist objects to a file (JSON file)

Web static

  • learn HTML/CSS
  • create the HTML of your application
  • create template of each object

MySQL storage

  • replace the file storage by a Database storage
  • map your models to a table in database by using an O.R.M.

Web framework - templating

  • create your first web server in Python
  • make your static HTML file dynamic by using objects stored in a file or database


  • expose all your objects stored via a JSON web interface
  • manipulate your objects via a RESTful API

Web dynamic

  • learn JQuery
  • load objects from the client side by using your own RESTful API

Data diagram