Peyton Smith

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About Me

🚀 I have a passion for technology and learning. I want to be a part of the never-ending growth of the tech industry by providing tools to make our lives better and experiences to keep us entertained while we continue to do the former.

I’m a software engineer and a game developer. I’ve been spending a lot of time with C# recently due to my ventures into .NET development and my continued efforts into learning Game development with Unity.

At Holberton School I’ve been learning about Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Game/XR development. I’ve worked on projects in a wide variety of languages and frameworks including but not limited to Unity, .NET/C#, python, javascript, html/css, bash, and C

In June 2021 I joined Holberton’s team of tutors. Very grateful for this opportunity to work with such great people!

I am a HUGE nerd. I love all things tech, science, sci-fi, gaming, fantasy, comedy, etc!

🍿 Favorite Shows

Pffft, I don’t watch or quote too many sitcoms…

Parks and Recreations 🌳 King of the Hill 👑 Frasier 📻 Seinfeld 🎤 How I Met Your Mother 🍍

🕹️ Favorite Games

What can I say? I was and always will be a minecraft kid…

Beat Saber 🎵 Half Life Alyx 🤖 The Resident Evil Series 😨 Minecraft ⛏️ Echo Arena 🥏 Elite Dangerous 🛸

📅 What I like to do

A few of these may come as a surprise, but I like to…

Watch sitcoms 🤣 Play games 🎮🎲 Code 🧑‍💻 Run around in the rain ⛈️ Eat 🍕